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Start now by entering any skill you have as a service
Start adding services which will be sold to visitors for $5 dollars or more and begin the entertainment with freelance, such as designing images, editing videos, creating websites, translation to different languages, provide SEO service and search engine consultations, advertising on a website for one month, marketing and business, consultation... etc.
You can add any additional features to the service more than $5, such as designing 30 extra images for $15, or translating 50 additional pages for $20, and so on.

We get the lowest value ($0.86) per sale

A brief example:
If you are good in designing, you can add a service with title "Design unreal pictures for $5", the price of the service will be $5, and if the visitor bought the service, you will earn $4.16 for you, and fiverbox.com will get only $0.84, after the service is delivered, fiverbox.com will immediately add the money to your account, balances will be transfered every saterday to PayPal, and you can add any type of services even if they were simple.
Quality ,commitment and honesty of the service leads to increase your profits and sales, it is possible to sell more than one service in a day and the money will be added to your account at fiverbox.com, and transfered to paypal as mentioned before.
Note: Services will be at international level and available for all.