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Selling & buying rights and seller levels

fiverbox.com guarantees your rights without any fears or concerns because the site deals with the most powerful electronic banks in the world (PayPal). We follow and watch the sales transactions in all stages. Any complaint from any buyer at a given service will be handled seriously and the buyer will be refunded. We will also follow-up the seller steps for implementing the service and our door is always open for communication to any problem or suggestion

Important steps for the buyer and the seller


  • Do not buy a service that its title different from your request, for example, you want a data entry services, then the sellers will send their services links to you. After opening the link, you find a different service title such as (design images, convert pdf files to word, translate 10 pages). The seller will say to you "Just buy it and I will enter the data". DO NOT buy the service and search for another service title contains (data entry).
  • Buyer can not cancel the service after the purchase until the end of the service delivery time, but if there was a problem in the implementation of the service from the seller, the service will be canceled and the buyer will be refunded.
  •  Do not send to the seller any important information such as credit card number, passwords, or personal links or photos.
  •  The maximum period of the delivery time is only one month. So do not buy long-term services, because we can't guarantee the implementation of that service
  •  know every detail in the service that you want to buy and ask the seller as you want
  •  You can put your terms for sellers in details before buying the service in (requests for non-existent services), and do not waive any condition for fear of lack of full service delivery
  •  During the implementation of the service that you bought it, make sure that the seller will not receive any money until you fully delivered, so when there is a problem, try to solve it with the seller, but if there is no result, then report him immediately and the service will be canceled and you will be refunded
  •  Make sure you got the full service without any shortage after you receive an email with service delivery, or report the seller immediately via the technical support
  •  Do not communicate between you and the seller out of the website, becuase we can not protect you and can not understand the nature of the problem that occurred
  •  Buy services only through our website and do not buy outside the website.

  •  Service price is only $5 and can be purchased more than once. You can also purchase a subset services, which belong to the main service with prices ranging from $10...$500.
  •  If you want to sell any service, add a clear title and explain it very good so the buyer can easily understand it , and try to put more than one image for the service, because the images reflect the nature of the service. most importantly, you must specify the time of service delivery
  •  It is good not to deliver the service before the buyer's approval to get a good rating and good buyers comments
  •  Servcies will not be accepted if contain any meanings of bad goals and we will alert the seller to modify it immediately

    Points and levels:
    Points are very important to the buyer, the number of the seller points indicate the number of sales, which in turn indicates the strength of the seller. The large number of points with high level indicates that seller is very reliable.
    Each sale of the service will add one point to the seller. In every service sale, the seller points will be checked and the level will be changed based on the number of points
  •  The seller starts with level "New Seller".
  •  If the seller points reached 50, the level moved to a "Good Seller".
  •  If the seller points reached 200, the level moved to a "Special Seller".
  •  If the seller points reached 500, the level moved to a "High Special Seller".
  •  If the seller points reached 2000, the level moved to a Hignest rank "Top Seller" (very reliable), the username text will be (Bold), the number of high points reflects the strength of the seller

    For any questions or suggestions, please send an email: [email protected]