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Terms of use
- The login and use of this site considered as your acceptance and commitment to all conditions of this site.

- Must be committed in all pages of the site in a good manner and use the right words without any offensive words.

- You must use a meaningful user name and do not use improper names.

- Not allowed to use more than one user name in the site.

- Information of the user must be accurate, so selling and buying operations can be done easily and efficiently without any problems.

- The replication of the servicesare not allowed for the same user and if done, they will be removed without informing the user.

- Must abide by adding the services in the appropriate section and must enter the information accurately, otherwise these services will be removed if entered in the wrong section without informing the user.

- fiverbox.com management has the right to request personal documents and everything related to having a PayPal account. which is used to purchase anything in the site.

- The basic service price is only $ 5 and additional service benefits up to $ 500 can be added.

- The commissions are deducted from the seller when transfering the money via PayPal, for example, if the seller has a balance of $50 and requests for cashout, he will receive about $46, because PayPal deducts about $4.

- fiverbox.com management will not allow to deliver services less than a day in order to avoid any suspicious financial transactions and to check the buyer PayPal account.

- fiverbox.com has the right to ban any user without any reasons or justifications, such as misuse in various pages of services or wrong data of the user, which in turn leads to the loss of all the balance of the user in the site if it is proven to correspond to any seller or buyer for the purpose of dealing outside the site.

- fiverbox.com does not remove any incompleted services. fiverbox.com gives the users the opportunity to modify them within 24 hours and if not , fiverbox.com will remove them.

- Not allowed to publish any kind of services that encourage crimes ,civil , criminal or political offenses. The website (fiverbox.com) is not responsible for any of these behaviours. In the case of non-compliance, the user exposes himself to prosecution by the state to which he belongs to.

- fiverbox.com management is not responsible for any damages caused by the use of this site or any existing services.

- fiverbox.com management is not responsible for any links of other websites and their contents or the intent of these links.

- fiverbox.com has the right to make any changes or updates or any thing else in the website, with all the information contained in it, without any reasons or justifications.

- These conditions are adjustable by fiverbox.com management at any time according to the requirements and take effect immediately after the announcement on the site.

- fiverbox.com management could shut down the website partially or temporarily or permanently at any time and without any warning. If any of these actions occured, fiverbox.com management is not responsible for any kind of personal or contractual or criminal liability.

Users are advised to review these conditions each period, because these conditions are ready for changes and developments.
To inquire about any of these conditions, please contact us via email: [email protected]