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OfflineMD.Toufiq-ur Rahman
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Fix any google search console, xml sitemap, ahrefs errors

I will do onpage offpage SEO, wordpress SEO and set up Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console (webmaster tools), robots.txt. I can fix errors related to GA, Search Console SEMrush, and Ahrefs to increase traffic and conversions.

Google is not crawling/indexing the new websites in their search engine. But don't worry this gig will solve your issue.

I can set up and fix all your Google Search Console errors and all technical SEO errors some are listed below:

Search Console errors Fix:

Fix sitemap & Robots.TXT with cPanel.
Soft 404 Error.
URL NoIndex issue fix.
Setup Search Console issues.
Server error Technically all errors fixed.
404 & 503 Google Server Errors.
robots.txt URL marked "No Index"
Search Console Coverage issues that I will fix

Setup Search Console.
Create and submit the XML sitemap.
Index Google Server, Bing Index.
Errors soft 404, 500, 504, 502, and Google error fixing.
HTTP Status Code 500 Internal Serve
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