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I will trade your ftmo, tft phase, mff, blufx and other prop firms account
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I have extensive experience in trading and can help you get the most out of your investment.

FTMO stages refer to the different levels of funding and trading provided by the company FTMO. The TFT (Trader Funded Trader) phase is the initial stage, where traders are given a small amount of funding to trade with and must pass certain performance criteria to progress to the next stage. The MFF (Master Trader Funded Trader) phase is the next stage, where traders are given a larger amount of funding and are expected to consistently achieve a higher level of performance.

BluFX is a proprietary trading firm that offers funding and support to traders, similar to FTMO.

MFF (Make Financial Freedom) is a prop trading firm that provides funding, mentoring and education to traders.

All prop firms are companies that provide funding and support to traders in exchange for a percentage of their profits. These firms typically have a rigorous selection process and provide traders with access to professional trading tools and resources.

With me, you can rest assured that your trade will be handled quickly and efficiently.

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