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I will do professional video color grading and color correction
Service rate Design, Videos, Logo / Images & Videos Editing
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Contact me before placing the order so that we can discuss about your requirements and provide a free sample of your project.


  1. Color Correction - Matching white balance, exposure, shadows, midtones, highlights between all shots.
  2. Color Grading - Cinematic, moody, travel, horror, commercial, vintage, natural pop, or your reference etc.
  3. Shot Matching - Matching footages from different cameras, that are supposed to look similar in color tones.
  4. Secondary Adjustments - Skin-tones, sky, clothing, etc.
  5. Extras - Cinematic enhancements of subjects, color replacement, noise reduction, sharpening, grains etc.

I am work with Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries, Music Videos, Interviews, B-Rolls, Reels, Trailers, Commercials, Wedding / Highlights, Multi Cam Grading, LOG, REC709, RAW etc.

  • I am here 24/7 365 days so I can reply fast.
  • Thank you.
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